Thursday, December 2, 2010

It`s a hijabi style

Orang cakap macam tudung saji. Memang pon! ;p

Lately most of bloggers keep writting about Dato` Ct. The famous one. It is not about her song but more to her style. The way she wears her scarf. Owh gosh! It is so inappropriate o.k. We are muslim. The first impression people of other religions look at us is the way we wear our scarf. The points of we wear it of course to hide our hair , neck and also chest from people who are not our muhrim from see it. The first time she wears it, peoples give the best compliment to her. You are really nice in wearing it! But, right now you seems like not interested to wear it properly. Try to wear it properly dear. Some people may take you as their role-model. Please don`t waste the opportunity that had been given to you.

Talking about hijabi, yeah i know, somehow i may don`t wear it properly too. I mean i wear tudung but i`m not wearing anak tudung. But it was a year ago. Right now, i certainly try to wear it properly. Tutup segalanya =) include our dada. I`m trying!

So , Dato` Ct, fyi your style sometimes can make peoples especially muslimin deviate from the straight path. I`m not actually condemn you, but as muslimin we should encourage each other to change towards good. Not from good turn to the bad one ^_^. Hopefully, fanatic fans of Dato` Ct tak melenting =). Jangan marah yer! It is just my humble opinion ;p

Macam ni baru la cun melecun =)

Honestly, i love her song too but not her style. I prefer Yuna more than her =)


  1. kononnye lady gaga malaysia kot?
    yang gambar last tuh cantik gileee!

  2. memang macam tudung saji pun haha anyway, gambar dia y pakai tudung tu memang cun gilaaaa

  3. itisrajah: nk jd lady gaga xkesmpaian tu yg jd cam tu. 100% agree yg gmbr dye pkai tdung full mmg serius cantik

    cik amy: tue la.mcm tdung saji mini plak tgok =)

  4. salam..

    suka tengok orang pakai tudung..

    follow ur blog..

  5. ha'ah la, aku pun kadang tak faham dato' ct ni, kadang pakai kadang tak, tp sapela aku nak judge dia kn, lgipun aku sndiri pakai tudung tak lngkap mana tapi aku pakai juga, dah jd kwajipan. hehe

  6. terlalu nak bergaya sampai dah tak tahu tujuan utama bertudung...

    erk? i'm not perfect too.. hee

  7. tu la pasal.Kok ye pun bukan itu cara nak pakai tudung saji. -_-'