Wednesday, June 2, 2010

should i say farewell to c115

unlike usual my day began way earlier.around 8.00 a.m -awal tak ^^

hearing my roomate cleaning up her place to transfer her things to new house.

we are staying outside in new house next semester.

farewell to our dearest room. we have been staying in this room for two and half year.

so much things that happens in this small room.

to be honest, feels like don`t wanna go out from this place.

shit feelings right.some people love to be outside but i`m not one of them ^^.

i prefer to stay in hostel rather than outside. it`s true that my hostel room is not as beautiful as

any other hostel room in others IPG. but the only reason for me prefer staying in hostel is ,

it easy for me nk tido time xde class. ^^

bley balik bilik bile2 mase ;p

but it a must.we need to stay out from campus.

need to avoid the same trouble that i`ve been facing this`s kind of shit trouble.

so , the best way, dok je luar o.k. settle sume problem.

and tonight, i`ll go back to johor.owh God , don`t know how to describe my feelings right

now.i`m waiting for this day to come since last week.and today the day has come.

can go home today. ^^

i just love to be at home.wish i won`t have to go back to ipsah.


  1. aku pun rindu bilik nie...antooo ar kan duk luar..taip2 sem kan halau..x tenteram,,bek duk luar terus

  2. haha..xpe2..dok luo pon dekat dh nk pk2 tiap2 sem kene halau ^^