Monday, June 21, 2010

who am i??

yesterday i had a chat with a person from facebook. and he asked me a few questions that i said i`ll answered all those questions in my blog. so here there are.the answers of ur questions mr!

i`m just a girl that will enter woman life in few years more.i`m just simple.the simple means my life is simple including my own dressing and any other things. i just wear jeans and shirts when i go out an a little bit of make up touch on my face.i xske make up tebal2 mcm baby-doll cause it`s really fake! i love to eat but i do not like cooking.when there`s person ask me to cook i will think it twice before i give my please take a note for this information o.k ^^.

and luckily u because i`ve just take a personality test and i`ll tell u more about my personality. and i`m telling u that the result is 95 % same as my life.
my result show that i`m kind introvert person.means that i am a little bit shy when facing peoples and not easy for me to start a talk.
and the last thing that u should really know which is, i love to be alone and stay in a quiet place. so leave me alone when i said 'i want to be alone' and don`t ask me why.o.k mr!
satisfied with my answers.u should!

by the way, right now i`m watching portugal vs north korea.
for sure portugal will go to next round ^^.
christian ronaldo sgt ensem bile bermain *wink2*

owhhh thing i forgot.thanks to amy cause has a big heart to give me this award. thanks dear ^^

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