Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello December!

Alhamdulillah..and we meet again December. The last month in a year. Syukran. Bulan ni dimulakan dengan benda-benda yang happy and great news ever! Thanks to everyone that make my life as happy as now! And for this month, i`ll spending my time 'lepak-lepak' di rumah and shopping mall. I`ve just finished my first degree and alhamdulillah the result was not disappointed me at all and I passed with flying colours. Tq Allah for gave me such a good result even though target untuk dapat first class tak kesampaian. For IPG standard, it`s really hard to get the first class. May be my effort still  not enough to get it. 

Masuk bulan ini jugak genap 9 bulan saya bersama dengan si dia. Alhamdullilah, jodoh kami masih ada. To u my mister, tq for understanding me, tq for accompany me and tq for still be with me. Although sometimes we had fight and argue for certain childish things but because of the love we still being together. Thanks LOVE! (: 

I hope that 2012 will end with a great memories. And for 2013, please be nice with me! (;

Till then, bye-bye and assalamualaikum readers!

p/s: for the grammatical error, please 'abaikan'. i`m still learning readers (;