Monday, May 7, 2012

New Fragrance!

Ok, well this is the new perfume that i use right now. Tommy Girl. So, i would like to make some review about this perfume. Pada saya, bau perfume sangat kene dengan taste saya because saya memang minat bau-bau manis. Macam gula-gula. Hehehe. It is simply nice and quite sweet and different than other Tommy frangrances which normally smell so floral.  The scent is like the combination of floral and fruity. And i`m so in love with it. First time beli perfume original guna duit sendiri. Before this just bau-bau je. Tak pernah pun terfikir nak beli yang original. So, untuk perempuan yang lasak and suka bersukan, i suggest to you to buy this fragrance because the scent is so energetic and very suitable for young woman! =)

Eau De Prep set!

The price for 50ml is about rm100 something. And daripada pengalaman saya bekerja di department cosmetic dulu-dulu, kalau kita nak beli perfume yang original ni kene pandai mintak benda-benda sampingan like shower gel or deodorant. So, dengan muka selamba, saya pun mintak la dekat promoter tu benda-benda sampingan and what i`ve got were shower gel and two travel perfumes. One is Tommy Girl Eau De Prep and DKNY Delicious! Yeah~

Till then, bye-bye and assalamualaikum readers! =)

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  1. cer try pki paris hilton..bau fruity jugak.sedap =)