Friday, November 4, 2011

my own medicine!

I`m still busy writing my notes right now. Goshhh. Will be facing examination two weeks from now. The gab between papers not so help and not beautiful at all.Arghhh! So, dalam ketensionan study mudy ni, i need something to help my stress out. Huhu. Stress ke??Study sikit dah nak stress bagai. Hahaha. Dulu-dulu my chemistry teacher pernah cakap, kita kalau nak study, jangan study lama-lama. Otak just boleh simpan memory untuk 40-45 minit je. So, kalau dah rasa otak tu tepu sangat-sangat janganlah paksa diri. Stop for awhile and have some coffee or tea to release your mind. I`m always remember what she said and i`m always did it. But i`m not stop for awhile. I stop for many hours. Hehehe. So, i give a few tips how to release your mind when study =)

1. First, if you have brother or sister, just call them a moment and ask them to play something with you. For example you can play sahiba or UNO or saidina or congkak like what i play with my little brother. Play something  fun on your break time.

Congkak is my childhood game. It is simple and fun =)

2. Find something that you can eat or drinks. That make you feel cool and happy. For example, i love cool blog and sushi. Both can makes me feel so good and relax. If, there is no cool blog and sushi, i just eat my french fries or something else that have in my refrigerator. You guys also can eat chocolate. We all know that chocolate really can release people tension right! So,just eat what you want but  do not eat too much because that will make you feel lazy and not healthy at all =) No over limit okeyh!

I`m really addicted with this thing!

I just eat this thing 'sometimes' not always =)

Till then, bye-bye an assalamualaikum readers! ^_^

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