Thursday, November 3, 2011

Healthy breakfast for healthy life

My breakfast this morning is just a simple one. Quaker Oat and a glass of orange juice. 
The recipe is so simple. Just put some onion and udang kering yang dah kisar. Then, tumis sampai naik bau =)
After that, just put the Quaker oat  into the pot and mix it with water. Do not put too much water because nanti quaker tu jadi kembang sangat. So, just letak sedang-sedang sahaja yer. Kalau kering sangat baru letak lagi sikit air. Lepas tu, kacau and kacau and kacau sampai la quaker tu mendidih =)

So simple right. If u guys want to put other ingredients macam daging, ayam,sotong and sayur pun boleh. Like i said before, your food is your taste ^_^

Till then, bye-bye and assalamualaikum!


  1. breakfst dpn lappy neh..aip2,buku mne?? hehe ;p

  2. hehe.kite skrg blaja on9 je.xpakai buku dah =p