Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Does size matter to be a teacher?

I do not understand why does size should be a problem to be a teacher. To be a teacher it is not about the physical but it is more about how you can control your students and how confident you are when teaching them. It is not about the size!

Some times, people keep saying " Alaaa..badan kecik macam ni boleh ke kawal kelas". Hello! Kecik bukan sebarang kecik o.k. You don`t even know me and how you can say like that. Urghhh! I hate those people who come from this kind of species. Suka merendah-rendahkan orang lain.

FYI, in IPG we have been trained of how to be a good teacher when we are in the school. We even have mikro and makro teaching which help us to have preliminary description of the atmosphere in the school. All these activities just to make us more confident when facing students! So, for me size is not the problem to be a teacher.

As you can see right now , there are many teachers who have small body size and the students that they teach still respect them as teacher.As long as the teachers are strict, the size is not the problem in control their class. So,why you keep make size as the matter? It is not a big problem at all. Please respect me. Don`t you feel shame of yourself. Don`t you? You should feel like that! Sibuk nak mengata orang kecik la , pendek la and whatever you have said before tapi diri sendiri tak tengok.

Actually, i`m not angry with you.Not at all. But i`m more sympathy with you. Orang yang selalu mengata orang nie sebenarnya nak kan perhatian. Am i right? Because there is no people who can give attention to you , so you try to make mess with me. How pity you are.

Kecik sangat ke? Tak kan..^_^