Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Night Dinner

It was great last night. Overall, everything go smoothly. The foods were very2 delicious. I should gave my self big claps because can made all the foods and i have to say it was not all that bad! =) Rasa macam dah nak masuk alam perkahwinan plak. Hahaha!

O.k we used kereta sorong for the BBQ. Tempat bakar BBQ tak sempat siap lagi. It take about one and half month nak siap. But because i dah nak balik this Friday, so we need to use that kereta sorong to make the BBQ.

Our dishes!

My mom keluar masuk rumah just to know situation of the match. I think we should have layar putih outside of our house like the restaurant have one, so that we never run quickly again into our house everytime we heard my little bro jerit goaallll!

Macam lampu tidur pon ade kan.hihi~

That`s all.O.k bye =)

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