Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I`m quite busy today for preparing BBQ tonight. Actually, this is my first time prepare BBQ. Never do before. For many years only my mom prepared all the rempah ratus for the BBQ and me? just watch it without any helping. Doulu-doulu den memang malas! Haha

Today, because of my mom busy with her work at school and she also got meeting bla bla i am the one who supposed to prepare all the things for tonight! And the best part is tonight we have football match Harimau vs Garuda! Yeay! So, it is the perfect combination BBQ and football match!

Perencah for nasi goreng kampung!

Sate hot dog =p


Ikan ape ntah ni. Ak pon tak tau.

Udang harimau!

Gonna make jus jambu batu =)

Hopefully M`sia menang! Yeay ^_^


  1. byknye laukkkkk =p
    mlysia da menang pon..alhmdulillah..hee

  2. haha.mmg byak.xlarat nak abis.good job m`sia! =p

  3. wahh lazat nyewww.=)seb bek mak bz..kalau mak xbz cmne?????nak jadik cam dolu2 lagi x????ngehehehehe