Monday, March 8, 2010

PBS?? What`s that??

Arini first day ak wat PBS and semestinya i do it at my hometown since we all can choose which school we want to go..huhu..Some others IPG do not allow thier students to go to school that they want..The IPG choose for them .. ^^

So, first day g skolah just dptkn maklumat..Kenal2 ngan GPK since GB was not there..
Cikgu2 sume ramah and best especially cikgu PJ dye..memg rock r..i like..the environment memang different dgn skul before this..huhu

Hopefully i can do the best for my ANATOMI n FISIOLOGI assignment =)
*benarnye ak menyampah nk wat*


Part tym model ^^

Xtaula nape ak bley wat tgn cam2 ^^

Lupe plak nk gtau..Actually ak wat PBS kat sk Convent..All gurls and boys are not allow ;p


  1. pbs tu menda?

    fuh, cikgu pj rock? rock kapak x??

    cambes je jadi cikgu. slamat maju jaya!

  2. PBS standing for pengalamn berasaskan sekolh..need to go to school for one week ^_^..

    jd ckgu mmg kdg2 penat gak =)

  3. neves plak nak PBS. :P
    i PBS a week lepas cuti

  4. nada: fist time mmg teruje nk wat..neves pon ble dh bnyak kali wat..rse mls nk g dah..huhu

    fahmy: thanks! ^^