Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy holidays guys!

Yeah, finally finished my SBE..For those who will facing this experience soon especially PISMP juniors, wish u all gud luck!
Hope u guys will enjoy it and have a great moment ;P

Because today was the last day, so nothing much we had did. Just sitting at the desk and started gossip about the GPK.She was so strict actually and we r not very like her. But , we were really appreciated for her commitment in order to help us finished our task! Thank u very much ^^

*waiting for another pics from yun*

p/s: mse otw nk langkh kaki kluar dri convent, one of the high school convent ckp kat kwn2 dye,
"weyh cantik siott ckgu tu"

-terase kembang gluteus maximus ak-

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  1. kah3...ak dngo!...slekeh gle..last day mcm ape jek rse~