Monday, May 11, 2009

u r so lucky!

Last Saturday my mom gave me a message..Early in the morning and of cz i`m still sleeping on my bed..huhu..i`m so lazy to wake up but because it was 8.30 a.m already and i have dancing practice at 9.00 a.m so i know that i should wake up..Then i read the message that my mom sent..
The message was..
"Angah, uda dpt tawarn JPA overseas for medical course"
OMG..Muhammad Azfar..u r so lucky dude!

Then i asked my mom which country will he go?
My mom told me that JPA didn`t tell yet which country will them send him.
Oh ude..u will be a doctor..CONGRATULATIONS!
I`m really envy with you..

I keep asking myself why i`m not lucky as you???


  1. jgn jeles..
    adik2 berjaye..

  2. he's so lucky..
    skang makin susah nak dpt tawran oversea..
    those yg betul2 qualified je dpt..
    i guess he's a bright student..
    congratz azfar!