Sunday, December 9, 2012


When talking about workout, most people might think the strenuous exercise like angkat berat, angkat dumbell and angkat benda-benda besi yang sewaktu dengannya. But hey people, please change your mindset. Buat workout tak semestinya dengan mengangkat besi-besi yang berkilo-kilo tu. Just use your own body and workout can be done easily. Okeyh, for example for ladies yang nak kan kaki yang selim melim gitu can try to do pillates and . Pillates such a good workout for beginner yang mahukan kaki yang cantik ala-ala artis korea gitu! (: 

Other than that, you might also try Butt Workout. This exercise will make our butt lebih anjal and kental! Hahaha. Tak de lah menggeleper je kan. So, here the example of pillates for the beginner and butt workout.

This one of butt workout! So easy to do but really need a good stamina for it! 

And this one is pillates. Full body burn out! 

Look carefully on how they manage their own body to do this exercise. From our eyes, it might be easy but try to do on ur ownself. What you will say? Teheee~ So ladies! Let`s spend your time for 30 minutes to do simple easy yippie workout. I`m sure with your own effort and dicipline, your dream body will come true! (:

Till then, bye-bye and assalamualikum!

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