Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally finally finally!

Finally! Okeyh, why sudden i wrote this word 'finally'. Hahaha. Nothing much to say, word 'finally' just wanted to express my feeling to show how happy i`m went to Big Bad Wolf. So much books and novel just made me crazy to go through it. I`m stuck in front of the main entrance and saw a lots of book to choose. At the same time i don`t know which part to start first, which book that i`ve should bought and the worst part was i don`t know which way i`ve should took may legs to go first. Hahaha. Books just made me crazy! And yeah, that`s the fact that i`ve should admit!

Thanks to my sister in law for taking me there. And not to foget my dear parents for lend me some money.Hahaha. Orang penganggur macam i memang tak ada duit. Pama je lah harapkannya. But seriously guys, it worth every penny u spend. The books just awesome. Great book with great price to have! 

Some of the books that i bought. 

So, what to wait for. Let`s read! If u guys still did not have a time and chance to go, still a few days left. Just spend a few hours there and confirm u`alllss akan jadi giler macam saya! =)

Till then, bye-bye and assalamualaikum!