Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Review : UNO Soup Glutathione

      So right now glutathione soap is being famous and laku macam pisang goreng panas especially the 'tab-ex glutathione'.WOW! I never use tab ex before but right now i`m using UNO Soap Glutathione. And what i can say about this facial soap is it`s really AMAZINGGG! Yeahh. It`s true bebeh! Before i use this soap, my face is like too much of rashes. And tiny  pimples always love to make my face as their home. My face also easy to get oily. To solve the problem at first  i`m using bio-essence hydra lotion and for the first month it seems like o.k to me but then i realized that it`s not o.k at all. The rashes still coming out and pimples started to call all their friends to built more home at my face.Arghhh~

      Then, last month masa tengah bermuka buku tiba-tiba terbuka satu blog sebut pasal sabun glutathione. I keep serching  the testimony about the glutathione product and most of them had given the positive comment. So, ini menyebabkan saya semakin teruja and teruja and teruja untuk menyental muka ini dengan sabun gluta.Hehe.Then, i make an order that cost about RM60 include the postage. Masa mula-mula pakai sabun ni muka memang rasa pedih-pedih sikit and tiny pimples memang banyak keluar. At that time i feel like 'what a useless product!' =.=''. Haha. Then, i keep searching about the effects after using this product and certain people said that memang  muka akan rasa pedih-pedih sikit and may be ada yang akan keluar jerawat. Kalau yang menghidap resdung lagi banyak keluar. But that just for the first two or three weeks after we use it. So, hati kembali tenang and fikir yang positif. Masuk minggu ke dua muka still keluar jerawat and kulit mula jadi kering. Time ni my mother told me that my face looks suckkss and same goes to my big brother also said the same thing. He said that my face looks like macam kulit orang-orang tua. Tak flawless. =.=''. Saje je tau nak membunuh sikap positif saya. But i`m telling to myself that this is just for temporary only. Everything will change!

       So sekarang dah lebih kurang sebulan and muka saya dah bersih. Yeahhh! Totally clean. Rashes dah makin kurang and pimples pun dah kurang. Pori-pori makin kecil and pakai make up sikit je pun dah o.k. Muka pun dah tak berminyak  Oh goshhh! I`m really fall in love with my face right now! 

UNO Soap Glutathione

Till then, bye2 and assalamualaikum!


  1. kau beli kt mana ek?
    nk try la..huhu

  2. bli kat sini

  3. betol ke elok sabun uno ni? saya baru je beli through online ni. hari ni baru sampai. sekarang still elok tak muka? just curious..hehe