Tuesday, November 1, 2011

French fries!

I don`t know why this lately i keep posting about food.Yeah.And this is worrying me because every time i post about it, my desire to eat semakin menjadi-jadi.pfttttt~ I can`t stand it. I think my ass right now is bigger than before.>.<''

O.k , that`s only the introduction.A little bit merepek there.Hehehe.The main post is about the french fries!

How to make it  taste like the french fries that sell at Mr.Magic stall or the Mc`D one!

So,here we go!

    • First, go to the super market and buy some french fries.Yang belum masak la of course. The segera one!
    • Then, take it home and panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Pastikan cukup panas agar kentang jadi rangup!Sedapp =)
    • Dah siap goreng, masukkan dalam bowl and ambil salt, black pepper and garlic powder taburkan atas kentang.
    • Sukatannya ikut rasa you all.Kalau nak rasa more garlic letak lah banyak.Kalau nak rasa pedas-pedas sikit letaklah black pepper banyak-banyak. ^_^
    • Pastikan garam jangan letak banyak sangat because nanti masin tekak you all tak boleh nak telan pulak kan.Hehe. 
    • Dah siap, boleh makan! Makan time panas-panas and tengok movie sangat terbaik!

     So simple right! If you want to put some cheese also can. There is no sign say 'NO'  and no one will be angry with you. You food is your taste. Make sure it taste lovely and nice ^_^

    Till then, bye-bye and assalamualaikum readers! 

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