Friday, October 21, 2011

ekspresi 2D&3D

Hello guys! Happy Saturday and good morning readers =)
Hari ni kene bangun awal because kene prepare breakfast for my dad since my mom was not at home ^_^

Like i said before, minggu lepas ada dua events yang kene organize and one of them was pameran seni. So, today i would like to upload pics that i took from my junior via facebook.
So, jom tengok gambar ^_^

Okies.That`s all, till then bye2 and assalamualaikum =)

p/s: all pics credit to ainun coz i took all the pics from her facebook =)


  1. student psv memang kreatif n style..

  2. hahaha.terpakse jd kreatif demi markah semate2 =)