Friday, October 28, 2011

cheesy macaroni baked

Okeyh,hati saya meronta-ronta nak buat something yang cheesy.Yawnn.So yummy delicious!
Semalam, time tengok tv dengan family, terbukak lah satu channel masakan. Can`t remember what the name of the programme.
I just watched how they cooked lasagna and fruit tart.So cheesyy and super yummy.
So,  after watched it i think i`m gonna make cheesy macaroni for tomorrow.You guys can also try it. I took the recipe from this blogger =)
I think this  recipe is more consistent with our Malay tongue.

Till then, bye2 and assalmualaikum =)


  1. awe: xbtol.resepi xbley copy so mu tengok je la kat link blogger tu.ak dh btolkan link nye =)

    amy: selamat mencuba! =p hehe

  2. untung la pndy masak... untung la sape dapat~ hehe!