Saturday, September 10, 2011

play it lovely

My duit raye for this year got about 3 numbers. And for the first time i spent all of the money for shopping and makan. I've bought the things that i`ve always wanted when my money in my account turn to zero! So, this year, i`ve made up my mind to use all the money to buy cream, fragrance , blouse and shoes! Yeahhh~ So the first thing i bought was fragrance. Since my Burberry perfume had finish, so i`ve decided to buy playboy frangrance. The smell was not so bad. It smell so sweet and lovely.Owh! I can`t stand with the smell so my hand just grab and brought it to the counter.

So, this is the one i`ve been using right now! The smell was so good awesome XD

The second things i`ve bought was bio-essence hydra lotion. My face jadi sangat-sangat teruk this lately. Idk why, but my mom also relized the different of my face. So, she asked me what had happen to my face. O.k keluar bintik-bintik macam ruam. Tak suke! So, i went to Guardian, and asked the promoter which product can make my face clean without this thing on my face. So, she had suggested me to use bio-essence hydra lotion. And till today, the rashes has decreased on my face. So, my face can smile without it =p

Hydra nourishing lotion

Third things, i`ve bought blouse and shoes. I`m not demand to buy a branded things. For me, keselesaan come first! I bought the blouse kat Thai branch je. I`m not so interested to buy blouse in butik sebab mahal! Haha. Kalau student, buat cara student. Beli yang murah-murah sudah. Even the shoes i bought yesterday also made from Thailand. Ade aku kesah! XD

Till then bye2 and assalamualaikum readers =)

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