Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iftar with classmates~

Yesterday i had spent my time with my dear classmates.We had our Iftar together at D`King Restaurant. Spent time with friends was such a beautiful moment. The moment that we can`t buy with money. But, before we have our Iftar, we have spent the time at Giant just to bought something like present for our guru pembimbing. Since this week will be my last practicum for this sem, so i decided to buy something for both of them. Not so expensive but full with sincerity. I`ve lost my budget actually.LOL

saranghae! ^_^

badan dah makin mok2 rasenye =(

lauk yang mantap! =p @ D`King

Countdown untuk buka pose! =)

My beautiful Housemate ^_^

My classmates!

That`s all. bye-bye!

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