Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dia mendahului saya!

When i was in Mecca, my watch suddenly broken and it was not easy for me to go through all the days without watch in my hand. Every every hour , every minutes and even every second i keep asking my mum ''what time is it?"

So, after finished our asar prayers at masjidil haram, we both went to the shopping complex with just wearing telekung.hehe. But it was common in Mecca. All of the people just wearing it went to shopping complex . So tak ada la nak malu ke ape ke kan.

In shopping complex, i thought we were just cuci-cuci mata je but when suddenly my mom asked me ''nak beli jam tak?" Dalam hati mesti la cakap nakkk!! But mulut cakap ermmm..sambil tersenyum-senyum. Memang gedik! Haha~

Bukan tak nak sebenarnya, but harga barang in Mecca is more expensive berbanding dekat Malaysia. That`s why when my mom asked me, cara jawab macam gedik-gedik sikit.Hahaha.

But at last, she bought one for me which cost about 100 something in riyal. If convert to ringgit dalam lingkungan tu jugak. Riyals and ringgit malaysia, there is not much difference .

for u only =)

saje blurr kan =p

Ingatkan nak belikan jam tangan for my mum as present since she lost it last month. But at last, she bought it for me first. Anyway, thanks mum! You such a great mother that i have ^_^

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