Sunday, May 1, 2011


THOR is a good movie actually.The graphic of the story is excellent . Oishh. Mentang-mentang belajar graphic this sem =p Try to watch it guys. Tapi janganla ajak orang yang tak suke tengok citer-citer epic graphic ni coz at the end, they do not know anything about the movie sebab mereka2 itu akan tidur di dalam wayang. So, ajak la orang yang betul-betul nak tengok. Tak da la rase membazir sangat duit tu.

But , since right now Fast and Furious is the most popular movie, so anyone willing to spend my movie ticket?? Errkk~hihi


  1. patutnye kna stay smpi abes, smpi xde suara kt wayang tu...
    de scene len, antara dr dgn ketua SHIELDS

  2. Cerita ending THOR tu okey ke..

  3. zealot: lol.haha
    azree: okay =)good epic movie