Saturday, September 18, 2010


Alright i bet this entry will be messy like 'rojak'. Too much stories that i want to write. First, i officially turn 21. Yeay! Happy birthday to me. SEPTEMBER is my month i
definitely love it. Thanks to all my dear friends and cousins whom send me
wishes on my birthday. Not forget too people who i did not mention , thank you for your wishes.
And mystery friend who call their name as 'old friend' thank you too. Seriously, i never know who you are since you never tell me your name and i bet you don`t want me to know you too. Either you boy or girl i never know it until know!

Second, my hari raye celebrating. My collection still highest and it surprise me because i`m 21 dude! May be i`m still study and not working so thats why i can still have my collection.How much i get is a secret.Ehem!

First time in my life pkai ank tdung syria.Never try it before and it seems that i started love to wear it! Phewwitt~

Third, i struggle for my assignments. Especially my major art. It`s too hard to finish it and until right now i still not finish it yet. May be i should say it`s still in progress.Dusshh~

Fourth, i meet my high school friends. Wow,they are so adorable. And thank God i still can meet them. It`s about 2 years we never meet and finally we can gather again!

And finally, my holidays is finished already. I have my first class at 8.00 o`clock tomorrow morning. But i`m still in bp right now.Haha~
Hasry will take me straight to Sungai Petani this night. Sayonara my dear family!

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  1. kak shila comey..heppy bufday n cmat ari ryer yaa :))