Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hobi Baru!


Guys!i`ve got new hobby right now which is 'anyaman rotan' ! hahaha. Can`tbelieve it.From assignments turn to hobby.Actually ,this is not just my hobby but also my dear friends too.Bley cakap sume skarang tengah giler same rotan r.Pagi petang siang malam dok anyam rotan. And the most important thing is, we would like to sell our hand-made craft to people.
phewww! Bley lulus ak jadi orang kraf negara macam nie ;p. Kite orang nak jual because nak tambah income for lawatan ke luar negara tahun akhir nanti. So that, we can cut our budget. Hopefully, we can give the best commitment for it!

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