Saturday, May 22, 2010


rse malu plak bile nangis2 call parents aritu..
but..that`s the only way i can feel calm..
thanx to ayah n ibu ^^
n can`t wait to go home!

owh minggu ni sgt men 'tension' kan!!
exm jgn citer..first paper dah mcm ape..result may b di luar jangkaan ;(
4 papers more to go and seriously i`m not in mood of study.
just right now really hopes everything will be o.k after mid sem break ^^

p/s: next sem 'TERPAKSE' dok luar..terpakse o.k..and skarang ak sdang melilau cari umah sewa tiap2 ptang.damn it!


  1. sem depan duk luar?
    blajar mne ?? he

  2. aqilah : mmg sabar je la.^^
    fiox: aa..dok kat ipg.. ^_^