Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sometimes people keeps telling me how grateful i am to be a teacher. Then, i`ll tell them, yup i`m so grateful being trainee teacher. There so much holidays for person like us in this profession. We get allowance freely for every single month from KPM while unive
rsity students just get PTPTN and it`s a must for them to pay it back after they graduated. We also get permanent job as a teacher after we finished our degree ^_^. So, right now i realized how grateful i am as a teacher!
Please be grateful shiela!

Because i am a trainee teacher, so my semester break same like school stud
ents. We have full enough holidays and it`s a perfect times to make fat in my figure body and also a chance to be obesity :p
*mintak2 dijauhi*

This time, i`ve just have my holidays around KL. Tu pun because my father have meeting at Ampang. So while my father have a meeting at De Palma Hotel my mom and i decide to take my little bro go to KLCC.
*cuci mate sampai blurrr*

Next day nye, kite org g mcm2 tmpat ag..mlas nk tulis. Biarlah ianye menjadi rahsia.Hahaha
Start dah bengong (*_*)

From me to you,

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