Monday, December 14, 2009

♥ Alyssa Bernal ♥

Her voice is preety good for me. She sings with all of her heart and it`s awesome for me.I know that may be some of u guys have already heard her voice in youtube and i`m also have heard before after one of my friends introduce her to me.I`m just want to share her preety good voice with all readers!
She`s look gorgeous and has beautiful voice. When will i be like her. Can play guitar perfectly and sings very well. May be i`m born to be a teacher and not a singer ^_^.
But she is so talented in playing guitar..i want that talent too.Can i have it??
But my fingers can`t play it well. Nak petik tali pon susah ek..Pape je laa~

alli need-alyssa bernal

i`m yours-alyssa bernal version