Friday, August 21, 2009

Moment~ is my last day in school..
SBE finished already..
But , sedikit kecik ati cz never get a chance to teach student as i did in Tengku Mariam..
I came on the wrong time..
All the students are face with examination..

me.myself and i

But i still have the best moment with the students and the teachers..
And not forget..The PRAKTIKUM teachers too!!
U guys are rock bebeh!!

murid2 yg rock!! yeah~

see u guys!

a gift from teachers in school- pencil case


  1. eh? abh arini? wat kt hometown ke..

  2. hehe...selamat bercuti.....selamat bersahur...selamat berpuasa....selamat menjadi cikgu nanti!!! lak selamat aku ni...

  3. liyana: aa..wat kat hometown
    silverleaf: slamat semua tok kamu!!!!!huhu
    org lidi: dorang mmg rock!!hihi