Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sakit ati..Sakit ke???

People keep asking whether i already have a bf or not..Hurmmm..I`m tired to make a statement and telling everyone that i`m still single..

My mom asking me whether i already have a bf or not..OMG!
She told me that her ex-student who is studying at UM saw me with 'someone' at sungai petani station bus..hahaha..kantoi sudah!!
But it was last year story where that 'someone' send me before i went home..and that was the last time i talking and meet him with two of my eyes directly to him.
But right now we are over and both of us didnt` talking anymore!
Huhu..but it doesn`t matter because we never have any special relationship..we are just a friend!

But sometimes let people with title 'FRIEND' go and leaving us lagi menyakitkan ati..and lagi bertambah menyakitkan ati bile kawan tu mule wat bodoh!
Plus2 menyakitkan ati!!!

Sorry enrty nie mcm sengal..huhu


  1. i know who are the guy that u mean..coz i m there too...huhu

  2. eh..ko xde r..ko dh balik ngan mt jo mse tue..
    ak ngan atin je..