Tuesday, April 21, 2009

-seriously i`m in love-

I`m in love..can`t imagine it n dunnow wat to say..but seriously i`m telling u all that i`m in love

With Whom???

shila had found his Mr.Perfect??

hahahaha..(xde mknenye)

PILOT still didn`t come yet..huhu

Shila fall in love with all the games in her dekstop..

Everyday, every minutes and every second she will stays in front of her lappy and start

moving her mouse to click games folder..ahahaha..

All of this bcoz of my frens who influence me to play all of the bullshit games..huhu

And rite now i think that i`m breaking my rules..

Xnak men game komputer..Nanti lappy rosak..

But it seems like i can`t control myself rite now!

Being crazy with all that games!

p/s: anyone have roller coaster tycoon game?? i`m looking for it!

post ak kali nie saje nk mencapap dlm bi..kalo slah grammar tue harap maaf la yer..i`m not teslian..huhu


  1. bukan bdak TESL tak bermakna tak boleh post dlm English..
    km sndiri pn still bt mistake in grammar..
    kita sm2 blajar..
    keep it up girl

  2. huhuhu~
    ni yg bersemgt nk tulis post dlm bi nie..
    ade galakn dri teacher zack!ehehehe
    tq zack!